Junkmail is a real pain in the neck

I would never have believed someone if they had told me how much junk mail gets sent to you after you purchase a house. I think (although I’m not positive) that Huntington must have sold my details on as all of a sudden I started to get letters, a lot of them looking as though they came from Huntington or were at the least endorsed by them, begging me to take out life insurance or mortgage protection to pay off my mortgage if I died or became too ill to work. I actually did reply to a couple of the letters out of curiosity but I’ve not had a reply. The cheekiest one came today which was made to look like a final demand!
To counteract all the rubbish that we are getting we have also had quite a few “welcome to the neighbourhood” brochures that I know was triggered when we informed the post office that we were moving (take note Royal Mail – this is a free service in the US!) – as we then started to get loads of offers. Fortunately we got an offer for a “free day of care” at a local chiropractor (Inner Health Chiropractor click this link to get your own coupon too and tell them Absoblogginlutely! sent you.) which came in really handy last Monday after straining my neck the previous Friday. I had rolled out of bed and then got stuck as the pain that shot through my head and back made it practically impossible to move. Fortunately I discovered that as long as I didn’t move and kept my head in one position it wasn’t too bad, so I spent most of the day at home working in front of the laptop screen catching up on some SBS training I need to do.
Anyway, on Monday we got this voucher and as my neck was still painful I made an appointment to see them. I was pretty nervous as I had no idea what would happen and half expected a “helga” to come out and practically rip my neck off.
I was pleasantly suprised to see the chiropractor looked normal and was very pleasant and kept asking if I had any questions. After a brief check to see how restricted my neck movement was (very) I laid face down on the table/chair and then he cracked my ribs by pushing down on the shoulderblades – a quick burst of pain but not too bad. Ditto when the neck was twisted to get back into re-alignment. I have no idea how they know just how far they can twist a neck without breaking it – I guess their first few attempts at University must be pretty nervewracking.
The next step of the treatment was the best though – they put some cold plates on my back which were attached to some electrodes to give a tingling sensation on the back, and then I laid down on some hotplates positioned in the small of my back and then the whole table gave a really nice rolling massage for about 10 minutes. It was then back for some more realigning and then I went back to work.
By the end of the day I had a storming headache (which I had been warned about) but the next day practically all of the stiffness in the neck had gone.
They did recommend that I come back 3 times a week for two weeks – but there is no way my bank balance can justify that – so I was really pleased that the neck was better the following day 🙂
That was about a week ago and I really should go back for another visit (if only to have another trial on the massage table) but the neck is pretty good now – slightly stiff if I strain it but ok.
Update Updated to add coupon details and link to Chiropractor


  1. Ron

    We had the same thing happen when we bought our house. I researched this a little because I was concerned; and, by research, I mean I asked my wife who works in this sort of field.

    The purchase of a home is a matter of public record, and scavengers will scour those records to send you solicitations. It also lists the lending institution, and then these insurance companies put that logo on the top of the page to make it look more official. If I went directly through a bank, it would have been very intimidating to me to see all these official looking documents stating that I need insurance.

    Some of these solicitations even intimated that I was required to have this insurance as a condition of my mortgage. Others letters chastised me for failure to fill out the inf ormation in a timely manner. Most of the advertisements just said to immediately fill out the form and return it as soon as possible, with no explanation of why I would do such a thing.

    We still get about one of these types of letters a week.

    Wow, that was a lot of typing. What was the name of that chiropractor again? 🙂

  2. steven

    I was a long-time skeptic about Chiropractic care, but last year my son was having pain and his sports team’s doctor (who is a Chiropractor) helped him out. I asked him about pain I’d been having in my neck and arm (for which my “normal” doctor had only given me mega-doses of Motrin, no cure for the problem, just a cover-up of the symptom). He had me come in, checked me out and after a series of treatments I’m pain-free most of the time. I go back once per month or so now and will continue to do so.

    I’m told that not all Chiropractors perform their practice the same ways, so as with many things “your milage may vary.” If you find a good one that works for you, stick with ’em.

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