Interesting to see that I

Interesting to see that I got another security email from microsoft due to the patches that were originally issued in Oct 2002 which would have prevented against the slammer worm that crippled the internet over the weekend. At least this time the hackers were sensible in that they waited until everyone went home. That way they could almost guarantee they would get maximum exposure as the only people who are likely to run Microsoft SQL2000 are business’s and most admin guys are going to be safely home on a Friday night. And if they are not good enough admins to have already patched their servers, then they are not likely to have pagers to be called in to fix the problem. One of my (backup) isp’s was pretty badly crippled – a lot of their servers were unavailable although they did send me an email to say they were pulling the plug on people who had bad servers – don’t blame them.
So just how long is it going to be before they manage to crash all of the root servers? Incidentally I dcpromo’d my home server last night and it killed my local network as it made itself a dns server, stopped dns and dhcp working from my router and also refused to forward dns requests onto the internet for me. As I didnt have time to work that one out, it was a quick dcpromo back to a standalone server until I have time to read up on dns in w2k.