Google voice transcriptions

Now that Google Voice is now out of beta and anyone (in the US) can sign up, I think they need to work on their transcription services next. I think the reason it’s US only is the transcription can’t understand the UK accents as this is the transcription of my Mum’s call to me this morning.

Hello and I’ll give you a call. I’m today and I don’t know if you’re not possible we can. Hey Erin, it’s about when you can. You’ve been sent. That’s 9 that meeting. I think. Okay, okay. Give me a well hi.

I thought it was amusing, but Mum should know better than to call at 9am on a Saturday – it’s my only chance for a lie in so it’s unlikely I’ll be awake to answer the phone 😉

I have donated the voicemail to google to assist in their transcription efforts.


  1. Bob O'Shaughnessy

    Keep in mind that GV transcriptions are 100% machine generated, as opposed to done by humans like Jott. (Kinda puts a different perspective on speaking notes into Jott).

    GV’s playback interface also colors the words in the transcription based on the machine’s confidence in their accuracy.

    Keep donating your transcriptions that have gone strange. I’ve been using GV since it was Grand Central, and the quality of the transcriptions has been constantly improving.

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