Gigafast resolution

I heard back from the Better Business Bureau yesterday and it seems like Gigafast’s response to all the complaints is to ignore them – Gigafast have an F rating with them (which is not good!) with 67 ignored complaints. Fortunately on the same day, I received a cheque from OnRebate as Microcenter paid the rebate instead. So it’s a thumbs up for Microcenter – now all they have to do is respond to me about my upgrade to Vista that I was promised.


  1. Dave S


    I tried to upgrade the firmware on the WF719-CAPR and it conked out on me after I did this.

    Did you get a reply back from Gigacrap?


  2. Andy

    I never heard from gigafast, but i did get my refund, thanks to Microcenter stepping in. Gigafast is a company I’ll never be buying from again.

  3. Mary Wong

    Does anyone out there know if Gigafast is still in operation? I am trying to get a warranty issue resolved for both a WF719-CAPR and the USB Adapter, and am getting nowhere with e-mails, faxes and phone calls. No one from Gigafast seems to be responding!

  4. peter

    I’d also like to know if they are still in operation. The phone number i have (1-888-433-6788) no longer works.

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