Gigafast refusing rebates….

I received this email from this afternoon – “We regret to inform you that the above rebate claim has not been funded by the sponsoring manufacturer, Gigafast Inc., and therefore cannot be paid. Gigafast Inc. contracted with Inc. to have Inc. process Gigafast Inc. sponsored rebates but, in violation of the terms of this contract, Gigafast Inc. has not funded disbursements for several months and has not responded to our many funding requests or other attempts to reach them. As a result rebate disbursements to customers who purchased Gigafast Inc. products have not been made. At this point your rebate claim is being cancelled but your rebate details will be kept on file in the event that you are able to contact Gigafast, Inc. and get them to fund your claim.”
I’m not a lawyer but I imagine my contract is either with the shop or the rebate company, not Gigafast….As I paid on my credit card, it would be interesting to see what they have to say about it.
Update I’ve filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, Emailed Microcenter (if this was in the UK I’d have also requested money back from the credit card company as the contact was broken. There is also a forum at Fatwallet where people are also adding their comments and reactions – looks like Microcenter, onrebate and Gigafast are going to be pretty busy.
Update 2 [email protected] is rejecting emails – very fishy.
Update 3 Microcenter are honouring my rebat – see the fatwallet discussion for up to date news.


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