Free EssentialPim Pro

Essential Pim are going to be giving away the pro version of their software for everyone who visits their site on Halloween. Looks like Opera started a great trend 🙂
The cool thing is that the portable version will be available too which means you can use it on your usb key. The data is encrypted and it doesn’t need installing on the pc.
Although I’ve not tried this software it sounds really good. Now that we don’t have outlook in the office (or even on the computer) and the Notes Pim functions just suck big time (at least on a naff 1024*768 screen) this will hopefully be really useful.


  1. PissedOff

    This so called “free” giveaway of keys was a bust for many people. It almost seems that the EssentialPIM people were overwhelmed with requests and did not hand out keys to everyone who followed the rules. They gave no explaination why some people were refused keys saying the they must of not followed the rules. Most posts in their forums complaining about this action were removed from the forums.

  2. me

    Without knowing the facts I can’t really comment but I wouldn’t be surprised if people couldn’t get in because they are behind a proxy (or their isp proxies all requests such as with freeserve) so it appears that all the requests were not genuine.
    Having said that, I got my key 🙂

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