Fixed: Google Music not working in Firefox

I’ve never been able to get Google Music working in Firefox. Ironically, IE was the only browser that I could get it to work in. I could log in, see all my music but whenever I clicked on a song to play, I would get “Oops, we have a technical issue:Please refresh this page in your browser to get back to listening to your music. If issues persist, make sure you have Flash enabled and working.” Naturally I am already at the latest version of flash and clearing the cache etc didn’t work. I searched this afternoon and came across this thread which recommended adding to the flashblock whitelist and sure enough it worked. Thanks to JackieGleason who posted the question on their linux box, fixed it themselves and then posted the solution.


  1. JohnyeWest

    Plugins were the issue for me as well, only it was NoScript. For some reason, whitelisting did not fix it. I had to disable the plugin altogether. Maybe there is another setting or site to whitelist that Google Music uses that will allow me to use the two simultaneously.

  2. Stranger

    For me (Firefox 17) the solution didn’t worked.
    – I have disabled adblock globally
    – I have allowed scripts globally in Noscript
    – I have added to the flashblock’s whitelist

    It didn’t worked.

    I have to disable flashblock entirely (what a pity!) in order to make it working.

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