I managed to get the pocket pc image to work properly over the emulator although the first time I set up the activesync on the client it worked ok but it didn’t seem to work immediately, data would only get transferred when I hit sync. However after rebooting the pocketpc it started to sync immediately – it really was pretty cool to see it in action. It doesn’t seem to synchronise sent or deleted items immediately though – thats pretty strange.
Unfortunately for some weird reason Microsoft have disabled the print screen button from working when the emulator is running so I can’t show you any screen shots of it whilst running.

I can’t get the smart phone working as for some reason it decides to bind the network card to my vpn connection (which isn’t going anywhere) rather than my wifi card that is in the laptop. Using a parameter of /p 000102040d23 (substituting the mac address of the network card) should give you network connectivity but not on the smartphone. Instead I get a very annoying “Your Internet connection is not configured properly. Please verify your settings in Data Connections.” This even occurs with using internet explorer so I know it’s not an activesync issue.