crc check

One of the first requirements is to check the crc32 checksum for the downloads before the dvd is burnt. Unfortunately no link is provided to any crc32 programs so I found one on It takes a while to generate as the dvd image is pretty large.
After the crc check it took 3 attempts to burn dvd of the installation media. The 3rd attempt worked fine and I popped it in the machine that I intended to install the software on. Unfortunately the same error occurred that I got when attempting to install Vista – the pc hangs after the capslock, numlock and scroll lock lights flash briefly. I tried swapping out the hard disk and dvd drive and it didnt make any difference. Putting the dvd in my main pc, the installation routine got further – to the point where it started to ask me if I wanted to install the software and to proceed any further would wipe my disk, so I know the dvd disk is good too.
I didn’t receive any help from Microsoft on the Vista beta so I’m not holding out much hope for WHS on this machine either 🙁
I didn’t go out and buy the larger hard disk as it doesn’t look like it would help much and it is snowing – again.
Update It looks like the problem is something to do with the WinPE environment as I have another tool that uses WinPE and it also hangs in exactly the same spot.