Vista Download

After attending a Vista Management webcast yesterday I was all fired up to install Vista on one of my older pc’s – unfortunately it was only open to msdn subscribers (which my company is) but I didn’t have the information to download it. However, thanks to the JCXP I’ve got my own copy as it was released today. Currently downloading the ISO now. Not sure how long it will take and I hope that the huge thunderstorm we are having right now doesn’t take the powerout at 99%

AV trial for Vista

CA are doing a free trial of Vista Antivirus software. Thanks to Digitalfive which is a new blog I’ve added to my reading list even though i don’t have Vista yet as I don’t have a machine powerful enough to run it (apart from my home machine but that needs to be stable(ish)
I’m also sorely tempted to download the Office2007 beta now that the rush is over, but again I don’t really have a machine to put it on – the main pc at home only has works – which is all I need on the machine, and the office pc is hands off. I also don’t have access to an exchange server to put 2007 against, and you really need to make outlook your main mail client to get the best shot of testing it. I’m fairly happy with thunderbird, although I wish it wouldn’t disable my extensions every time I upgrade to a newer version and I miss macro’s.