Real Life


We’re having a nice time in Georgia – the weather is nice and warm hot and the hotel, the Amerisuite in Alpharetta is great. The room is stonkingly huge with a kitchenette, lounge with sofa and single chair, the tv has a vcr and games in, there is a safe in the room (not that we need it), nice air conditioning and free breakfast and newspaper. They also have pretty fast wifi internet access although our laptop is soooo slow it wouldn’t matter if it was a dialup account, the bottleneck would still be the pc.
I’ve only managed to find 1 cache in Alpharetta after hunting for 6 others this morning, but there are about 5 just down the street from the hotel so I hope to get out sometime and do some more. With the cache density in this area, I should be able to get to 400 caches found but time and the heat (and the family) is not going to let that happen. We had a nice time with the bride and groom to be (Kristen’s brother and fiance) last night, with brats and yachtsman’s salad – mmmmmmmmm. Katie made a birthday cake for Dave so we sang happy birthday and I’ve got some goofy pictures I might upload later. We then finished the evening by playing 90’s trivial pursuit but I was at a real advantage as ALL the questions were american so I had no chance. I did manage to get the first cheese though and it went rather nicely in my pda game piece.

Mike’s surprise.

Mike McBride's Birthday group photoAngela had secretly organised a pottery painting event at Clay Cafe Columbus for Mike’s birthday last night. Kristen and I went over as the cover for persuading Mike to go and when we got there, some more friends were waiting. We had a really good time and this is the group photo after we had finished. For more photo’s go to or Angela’s photos.

Rapidough Salt

We went around a friends house last night as the first of our leaving do’s and after some delicious pizza (but no hanky panky this time) we played a game of rapidough where you have to mould things out of dough to get the other team members to guess the word on the card. Thankfully you are able to use the clay with actions, so a plane may be modelled and then waved around the room in a flying motion. Anyway, about half way into the game, I had the word salt. Thinking quickly I started to pinch small bits of plasticine off the lump and throw them over my shoulder. Kristen was horrified as the aim of the game is to keep as much plasticine as possible (and remove it from the opponents team) and here I was, throwing the remains of an ever decreasing lump of plasticine down the back of the settee! Thankfully it didn’t stun her too much and she managed to guess correctly with her first word after three throws. Much hilarity ensued as she complained about me reducing the dough – my protestations of “it was an attempt to ensure you guessed correctly quickly” were ignored and I was banished to find the pieces of plasticine (which I did much to the hosts relief)………….I think I got away with the fact that I was throwing the salt over my right shoulder when you are meant to throw it over your left 🙂