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Hotels running Mobile Jammers?

Techdirt has post about how hotels are purchasing mobile phone jammers to force people to pay the hotel’s vastly inflated phone charges. I’ve certainly experienced going into many hotels and not having any signal on the mobile. I thought this might have been to do with the construction of the hotel such as metal skins…Having said that, I’ve also seen many hotels block or charge large connection charges to 0808 numbers which means that I cant access Onetel’s internet access for 1p a minute from the hotel.

No more 192 from sunday

BT’s 192 closes on Sunday which means there will be hundreds of people who have no idea how to find out Directory Enquiries. Apparently there are about 17 different companies now providing this service, all beginning 118, all charging by the minute (a REAL incentive for them to provide a quick service – I don’t think) and all charging using different mechanisms such as per second, per minute, minimum charge plus per second, etc.) To aid the confused, BBC news has a page explaining the new 118 options

45 facts…..

Courtesy of a plaque on my wall in room 45 at the Brook Hotel.

  • “Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicouokanoconiosis” claims to be the longest word in the English language with 45 letters. It refers to a lung disease caused by ultramicroscopic particles of volcano dust.
  • The 45th King of England was James I who also was James IV of Scotland thus becoming the first British Monarch
  • Harold Wilson defeated Alec Douglas-Home in the 1963 General Election to become Britain’s 45th Prime Minister.
  • The element of atomic number 45 is rhodium (Rh) so named because some of it’s compounds are rose coloured.
  • The 45th Pope was Leo I, one of the only three Popes to have earned the sobriquet ‘the Great’

This hotel has a thing for Prime Ministers as apparently it was once owned by Robert Peel – the founder of the UK police force and a Prime Minister for Britain.

Another NewYork story

Amy Langfield has a really interesting story about her experience getting stuck in the underground in NewYork and the long wait to get home. Fortunately she was only 2 blocks away from her house. It’s still a pretty scary story and insight into how it would be getting stuck. She is a journalist so the writing is of a very good standard (with loads of interesting links too)

Panama Hatties & Google

Last Friday we went to Panama Hattys with a couple of friends and had a really good night. Booking is essential, but you then basically have the table for the night – They seat you in a nice lounge whilst they cook your food then move you to the table when your food is ready. Finally when we finished they were in no hurry to get us out the restaurant and we must have been there a good hour after eating before they came over and asked if we wanted the bill.
I was going to blog about it earlier but hadn’t found the url for it. Searching in google for panama hatties cheshire of use, but searching for Panama Hattys Cheshire finds relevant hits on the first page. The weird thing is that the home page of and actually work but are not in google. Normally having the search term in the url brings the page up pretty close to the top of the search results. (The pages actually point to the same site though.)
Problem is this page will probably be at the top of google in a week or two 🙂

Sorry Kristen!

I didn’t get round to blog the fact that yesterday was our two million, one hundred and three thousand, eight hundred and fortieth wedding anniversary (in minutes in case you were wondering). I’ll leave you to work out how many years that was. We went to TGI’s for a meal which was ok – food was nice but service could have been better and it was very noisy – not the best place for a romantic evening meal 🙂

Bristols Balloon Fiesta

Bristol’s 25th Balloon fiesta occurs this weekend and already there are some good photo’s up on the BBC’s website. They are also providing a live streaming video from Thursday through to Sunday of the event. So far all I have seen is people walking past the window whilst hearing some muffled conversations about what they were going to do today. The highlight timetable tells you when something is going to happen. It looks like 9-10.30pm tonight might be a good time to tune in when they do a balloon glow and firework display.