MT 2.65

I’ve upgraded my MT to version 2.65 now which won’t make that much difference to me, but will make the installation a bit more secure. I’d like to find out how to change the $MTVersion tag so that I can change this slightly, mainly so that hackers searching for a vulnerability in a particular version will not get my site. However I can’t find (at a quick glance) where this data is stored.
Update Cheers Neil. The daft thing is that I did a search on all files and it couldn’t find that string.

Archives are really messed up!

Grrr – just realised my archives are really messed up. It looks like the import/export format and not what they should look like at all… Now to work out what I need to change!
Update Fixed ! <sigh of relief> I had to create an entry in the Weblog Config for the blog in the archive section. Under the monthly section I created a new filename for the Monthly Backup Template so that it wouldn’t overwrite the standard date based archive. My config screen now looks like this(popup), but with the text actually reading something along the lines of andysmonthbackupfor-<$MTArchiveDateEnd$>.txt