Job Hunting

Job news

Yesterday I got the news that I didn’t get the job that I was hoping for. A shame as the company seemed like a really nice place to work at/for. The HR person was really good though and gave me two phone numbers of contacts in recruiting companies that I’ll be chasing up early next week. I did come down with a cold yesterday so I’m spending today in bed with the old laptop and wireless adapter as I’ve finished reading the library book (Fear Nothing by Dean Koontz) that I started yesterday evening.

Job Fair

I went to a job fair yesterday – the first one that I had been to. This was only for one company and I actually enjoyed the whole experience. I wasn’t sure which position to apply for, but after speaking to the employees I ended up applying for the AIX system administrator job. They seem a great company to work for and I’d certainly get some more experience in AIX.
I also have another job fair this afternoon – this time I’m going for a Windows Administrator job – it’s great to be versatile.
Now why do I have to wait 2 weeks to find out if I get a second interview or job offer? Those two weeks go really slooooooooooowwwwwwww


Just had a telephone call from a company that I had applied for a job. I was a bit anxious as the advert did not mention the company that was advertising the position but they are legitimate (sometimes these adverts are just to get your resume details or even used for phishing attacks!). The interview is a week on Friday – (8th July).