Blackout in America….

When I first heard about the Power failures hit US and Canada it was mentioned on WorldNewYork who was rather cryptic about his reasons for not having power and my first thought was that there had been another sept 11 type of bombing! It was quite a relief (to me sitting thousands of miles away!) that this wasn’t the case and it was *only* a power cut – but what a power cut. Apparently the biggest in the history of the states and affecting more than 50 million people.
Being the computer tech, I’d just love to know how all the Disaster Recovery companies coped with everyone calling them to get their servers online QUICK. I know of at least two bloggers who are probably affected, or at least their blogs are down right now – (not including WorldNewYork who used a dialupmodem, torch and laptop to post! His pictures really are worth looking at too.)

There are also some good photos taken by phone at with some pretty funny comments with them too.


  1. PhoenixDaCat

    And still I bet the 50million odd americans in the blackout will have no empathy for the 50million odd Iraqis without power.

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