There is a new version of Autorun out now but it looks like the licence agreement has changed which means that I can’t use it on customer boxes anymore. You can use it on your own pc, your companies pc but you can’t load it on another companies pc unless you are employed by them directly unless you purchase a commercial licence. The licence agreement is in the extended entry. This looks like a new change to the utility as the previous version(s) didn’t seem to have this restriction. I doubt that many people will notice this change (or take any notice of it) but it looks like we’ll have to use an old version or look for another utility – msconfig anyone *shudder*

You are allowed to use software published by Sysinternals at home or at work without paying a commercial license fee provided that you downloaded the software yourself directly from Sysinternals, and:
Use the software on computers for which you are the primary user; or
Use the software on computers for which there is no primary user (e.g. servers, including Terminal Servers) and you are a full-time employee of the company that owns the computer; or
Use the software on computers within your residence

A commercial license is required to use the software in any way not covered above, including for example:
Redistributing the software in any manner, including by computer media, a file server, an email attachment, etc.
Embedding the software in or linking it to ano ther program
Use of the software for technical support on customer computers


  1. Bryan Price

    What is scary is, just what is the cost of a license? What IS the last version that is not covered by this license?

    I find it incredibly useful, but I guess I have to find something else that works, (Yeah, I shudder about msconfig too), or else just ignore the license, which I’d rather not do.

    The other point that I see is that the license page doesn’t mention exactly what versions or software is currently under this new license. The way it’s written, it’s all of them. Period.

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