I watched most of the first season of 4400 yesterday as USA was holding a marathon rerun of the first series before the premiere of the 2nd series later on in the evening. It was a good series, similar to the x-files but not as spooky but with more of a focus on the real life effects of being dumped back onto earth after being away for x number of years. The funny thing is that at the moment I am currently reading Jasper Fforde’s Something Rotten and the main character is struggling with the exact same issues. I wonder whether Jasper watched the tv series too.
One of the annoying things with watching that much tv is the amount of adverts you have to sit through and you would have thought that they DON’T need to advertise the premiere of the 2nd series EVERY time there is an advert break. After all, if you are sitting there watching a whole series, it is extremely likely that you are well aware of the premiere and you just want them to get on with it.
I had tried to get the dvd out of the library and blockbusters, but neither of them stock it. I’m surprised as blockbuster had a whole stack of tv series but not this one. (It was available on bittorrent though but its too risky to start using that sort of network)