Ebuyer hassle ebuyerdotcon.

After my dreadful experiences with ebuyer, I sent an email to ebuyerdotcon with details. Ebuyer have now sent a solicitors letter to ebuyerdotcon asking him to cease and desist on his domain name and complaints. It’s interesting that this came to light this weekend as there has been a lot of news over this week about the rights of bloggers in the US to give their opinion under Freedom of Speech, and also not to get sued for libel either. Wired posted about this last Tuesday. Unfortunately this blog is based in the UK, but I think that ebuyer would have a major problem if they tried to take this any further. After all, they don’t really want all their disappointed customers brought in as witnesses do they?

Phone tones make more profit

I was going to post on this after hearing it on the radio last night but The Shifted Librarian beat me to it. Apparently the money spent on ringtones is substantially greater than the money spent on cd singles. If thats the case, how come so many people have that annoying “nokia” ring tone that is mocked by that guy shouting “HELLO! – YEAH I’M ON THE TRAIN” in the advert/comic sketch. (oh and I wasn’t listening to Radio2 – I’ve a long way to go till I get that far.)

Think Geek T-shirt

Thanks to Neil I read about Ryan s post about the No I will not fix your computer t-shirt. Like I said on Neil’s comments I’m tempted to put a “unless you pay me loads of money” comment on the back of it. This is the second or third link I’ve read in the past couple of weeks that has talked about going freelance for tech support……the only thing is I don’t think the town I live in has enough people to keep me in business. It is very tempting though.