Web Album Generator thoughts

Be careful when installing this. If you install over the top of your existing version and have made a template for your albums, then you will lose this information so back it up or make a note of the settings first. The thumbnail quality has improved a lot, although I’m not sure its the same quality as my other tool, Emage4Web. I’ll put up a comparison page later this week of the thumbnail quality.

Web Album Generator 1.5 released

A new version of WebAlbumGenerator has been released which includes support for better thumbnail generation. This was my only complaint about this software as the thumbnails were often pretty poor quality and I had to use another utility to create the thumbnails. Having said all that, I now use the Coppermine Gallery on the site as it’s works with php and mysql and integrates very nicely with XP’s image upload facilities. For a standalone image album generator, then WebAlbum Generator is the best I’ve seen.