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I send an email to

I send an email to my hosting company complaining that email that was on the server for three days has been deleted and where is it? They respond back saying read emails older than 3 months could be deleted. I then replied asking about email 3 DAYS old. They reply back saying they don’t support webmail and that email older than 3 months will be deleted. What planet are they on? Do they not speak english? I almost can’t wait to find another hosting provider but I need a cheapish asp host that also does access databases and why they also don’t do php too I’ve no idea. Just wish I could afford the grand a year for co-location then I could put what *I* want on the server and I’m sure I could set myself up as the only hosting company to offer php,mysql,access and asp pages all at once!
UpdateNow their reply is that the webmail program (which they don’t support!) or my mail client has been marking emails as read and leaving them on the server. Thats not true as my mail client leaves them on the server for three days. Even if this was the case, still doesn’t explain why I have NO mail as opposed to no mail over 30 days! They are complete idiots! The reseller that I brought the hosting from has not even bothered to reply yet – no recommendations for (or – the end provider) for me!

Wahey – ADS is now

Wahey – ADS is now replicating successfully!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Microsoft even approve of it now! (I don’t approve of their on-hold music though – its driving me nuts. Now I’ve just got to fix the email service and wonder just why we need some scsi cards that won’t be here until next week at the earliest…..I hope they are not needed for the disk controllers for the servers or we really are going to be stuffed.

I just noticed that blogger

I just noticed that blogger has its own yahoo groups emailing list – although I don’t like yahoo for their ads (and their webinterface is a nightmare to use with the amount of ads they show) and the fact that its a spam haven (and my isp were blocking it at one time) I guess it works and is easy for people to setup. It seems that I’m not the only person who was having problems with bloggar not publishing to blogger. Works ok for me now though.